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about dirty dingo design

Crafting Digital Experiences​

How do i work? 
Well… As a free lance website designer, i work with you each step of the way to take your vision and present it beautifully for the whole world to see. Think of it like this, a website is a canvas, and your vision is the well presented artwork that gets put on that canvas. I love developing websites and designing your future. So in short, if you truly are passionate about whatever it is you do, if you want to present your story to the best it can be, i want to work with you and get to know you. I will publish your story within the time frame and within a reasonable budget. LET’S TALK

Website Skills for all industries


Skillset: Installation / Debugging / Decoding / Troubleshooting

It doesn’t end there, why would it…? That’s only the tip of the iceberg in maintaining a fully functional WordPress website, should you choose that route. Knowledge is power and it only ever grows exponentially each day.

HTML 5 Knowledge

Skillset: Coding / Troubleshooting

There is a myth that in todays modern world, HTML or “Hyper Text Markup Language” as it’s known is no longer needed to be learnt. That couldn’t be more wrong, it is the skeletal structure of all you see, without structure, it’s merely code without order

Css 3 Knowledge

Skillset: Coding / Troubleshooting

CSS or “Cascading Style Sheets” are direct code that tells your website how to layout the website, to put in laymans terms, the font style can be changed, the colors of the background, even the white overlays you see on the cute dingo photo.

SEO Management

Skillset: Google needs to be able to find you right?

The website you want will always include S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques in all designs. Once the website is OFFICIALLY published, then additional S.E.O techniques can be applied to your website to help google searches find you with ease and without the relative cost of paying for overpriced adwords… Win Win for all don’t you agree?

Mobile Friendly

Skillset: Mobiles / Tablets / Laptops You name it, it’s optimized

In an ever changing world, over 85% of all internet searches are now carried out on mobile devices, 90% of those browsing the web know within the first 3 seconds if they want to stay on the page and continue browing, if they don’t they’ll instantly back out, you want leads, leads to sales and sales to repeat sales right? Let’s make your site as bright as you are.

Online Marketing

Skillset: Your Centerpiece = Marketing Gold

The digital marketing industry has been advanced in 2019, and will continue to do so for many years to come. Part of a brilliant digital marketing strategy is having an amazing centerpiece to showcase to the world, if your site isn’t eyecatching then your marketing will fail. High SEO and a popping website will skyrocket your online presence to new heights.